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Tepe Unique Brick®

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Tepe Unique Brick®

Designs beyond your imagination by different colors and finishes…

Tepe Unique Brick is a through-colored fibercement board with water repellent in brick texture
consisting of a mixture of cement and fiber.

Advantages of Use

  • Has natural look; trend colors.
  • Has decorative timeless texture brick.
  • Finishing material by the feature of through-colored and water repellent on walls, facades and ceilings.
  • Can be used by mechanical installation in ventilated facade system.
  • Can be used in various building projects “ residences, villas, public buildings,industrial buildings,
  • Prefab and modular houses.
  • No paint required.
  • Easy to install and modification.
  • Easy to cut and drill.
  • Light weight and easy to carry.
  • Protect the building from different weather conditions.
  • Provides for heat and acoustic insulations.
  • Resistant to seasonal changes.
  • Resistant to effect of sunlight.
  • Resistant to moisture and water.
  • Resistant to impact.
  • Environment friendly, asbestos free.
  • Odourless and does not release toxic gas.
  • Insect-proof, non putrescible, no moulding.

Application of Areas

  • Internal walls
  • Indoor ceilings
  • Wet spaces 

  • External walls & Facades
  • Outdoor ceilings
  • Soffit and fascia
  • Fences and boundary walls
  • Balcony and parapet
  • Noise barrier

Standard Dimensions

  Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Length (mm)
Interior 6/8/10/12  1250 3000
Exterior 10/12 1250 3000
 Special dimensions are possible by cutting standard production size plates in width and length.
 10 / 12mm thickness is recommended for exterior applications.
 During the facade design, cutting and assembly phase, attention should be paid to the production direction of the boards.
 Tepe Unique Boards should be cutted with dry cutting method.

  Tepe Unique Boards should be used with a minimum 10 mm exterior applications except prefabricated sectors. Otherwise, uses under 10 mm are excluded from warranty.

Technical Specifications 

Density (Cream,Anthracite) - Dry 1450 ± 100 kg/m3
Density  (Mustard,Tile,Green,Gray,Light Gray) - Dry      1250 ± 100 kg/m3
Bending Strength (N/mm2) ≥13 N/mm2
Bending Elasticity Modules (N/mm2) ≥ 4000 N/mm2
Reaction to fire  A1 ( EN 13501-1 )
Type & Durability classification  Category A, Class 2

Areas of Usage