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Tepe Termoplast®

Areas of Usage

Tepe Termoplast®

Tepe Termoplast is a waterproof premixed exterior and interior insulation plaster that provides heat, fire and sound insulation. It contains white cement, expanded perlite, natural silicates and inorganic fillers and is modified with harmless additives to human and environment according to European norms and directives and ISO requirements. It is produced according to the TS-EN 998-1 standards

Fire Class A Fast and Easy Application

Advantages of Use

  •  Due to its lightweight compared to traditional plasters, it can be applied very quickly and easily. It does not tire the foremen.
  • There is no damage / loss ratio to assembly and cutting.
  • It prevents heat leakage completely as there are no part application and connection points.
  • Reduces labor cost in insulation.
  • Provide very high thermal insulation.
  • Provide very high sound insulation.
  • Provide very high fire resistance.
  • Produced from natural materials that are harmless to health.

Areas of Application

  • Facades of reinforced concrete,steel and prefabricated buildings
  • Walls and ceilings of indoor spaces
  • In areas where a fire wall is required
  • In areas where hygiene is vital,such as hospitals

Technical Specifications  

Color  White
Application temperature  +5 °C / +65 °C 
Heat conductivity
 T1 / 0,040 W/mK 
Pressure resistance  CS1
Capillary water absorption  W1
Vapor permeability, µ  5/15
Fire class   A1

**For further color options, please contact our technical sales team

Areas of Usage