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Betopan FiberPlus - Retail

Color and Design
Packaging / Storage / Handling

Betopan FiberPlus - Retail

betopan Fiber Plus is a maintenance-free. Retail product of Tepe Betopan with A1 fire class, which is easy to apply with a cost of 1/5.

Advantages of Use

  • Stocking Advantage
  • Accessibility
  • Ease of Transport
  • Ease of Installation
  • Dyeability
  • Ease of Application

Standard Dimensions  

Fuga 8 mm (Thickness) *100 mm (Width) * 1500 mm (Length)
Fiberwood 10 mm (Thickness) *175 mm (Width) * 1500 mm (Length)
Fiberstone 10 mm (Thickness) *410mm (Width) * 1500 mm (Length)
Natura 20 mm (Thickness) *200mm (Width) * 1500 mm (Length)

Technical Specifications  

 1150± 75 kg/m3
Fire resistance (Non-combustible)  A1 building material according to EN 13501-1
Bending Strength  ≥  7 N/mm
Elastic module in bending ≥ 4000 N/mm 2

Betopan FiberPlus Retail ®

Application of Features

  • Resistant to seasonal changes.
  • Easy assembly and modification procedures.
  • It is odorless and does not release toxic gas.
  • Extends and protects the life of insulation material when used in heat and sound insulation systems.
  • It provides durability to impact
  • Resistant to biological and chemical wastes.
  • Easy to carry, light weight.
  • Insect-proof, non-putrescible, fungusproof.
  • Easy to cut.
  • Offers different solutions in all areas of building projects.
  • A finishing material.
  • Can be painted again.
  • Cement based.
  • Can be used with insulating material of any desired thickness.
  • Can be used in fine details with smooth cutting surfaces.
  • Highly impact resistance rather than gypsum based board.
  • Protects the under construction system.
  • Create facades and surfaces in according to fire instructions and regulations.
  • Applied as Natura Deck

Exterior Color Chart

Stone Color Chart

TSC3004 TSC3004

TSC3003 TSC3003

TSC3002 TSC3002

TSC3001 TSC3001

TSC3007 TSC3007

TSC3008 TSC3008

TSC3005 TSC3005

Wood Color Chart

TCW2002 TCW2002

TCW2003 TCW2003

TCW2008 TCW2008

TCW 2013 TCW 2013

TCW2005 TCW2005

**For further color options, please contact our technical sales team

Areas of Usage


  • Our panels are transported domestically and internationally with the plate edges painted and the Tepe Betopan® emblem.
  • The panels are on wood pallets covered in plastic with rings and corner brackets added.
  • During transport the panels must be covered in canvas.
  • When the panels are being carried one by one they are recommended to be carried vertically or as close as possible to vertical so as not to be bent.
  • The panels must be stored in a closed area.
  • Whether in storage or at the assembly site the panels must be left in lateral position and should not be leaned either laterally or vertically on a wall or similar surfaces.
  • If the panel packages are to be stacked caution should be taken to align them.
  • If the panels are not going to be used for a long period the packages should be completely covered in plastic to avoid being affected from heat and humidity change (stay stable).
  • After panels are taken from the package to be used the package should be covered over again with the plastic.
  • The storage area must be closed.
  • When stacking pallets the pallet feet should be lined up one on top of the other.
  • Do not take the plastic cover off until use.
  • Do not take off the steel strips until use.
  • The materials should be placed on the smoothest ground possible.
  • When storing, pallets should be carefully placed on top of each other with 5 pallets at most  and the total height of pallets should not exceed 3,5 meters.
  • When loading, only two pallets at a time should be loaded.
  • When loading make sure that the pallets are placed on the truck in a balanced way.
  • Pallets ready for transpor