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1984 Milestone

The first building Panel in Turkey

Our factory was established in the year of 1984 under the registered brand of Betopan. The factory was built in the Ankara Beytepe Facilities, which counts as the first producers of particle board with cement in Turkey. The company is the sole producer of particle board with cement in Turkey and one of a select few in the world with a 50,000 m3 per year capacity.

As a result of the R&D conducted by our company in 2001, the existing panel was redesigned and recreated to become more stable and durable. The name of the product is Betopanplus, that is now a part of product range.

2001 Milestone2001
Following the positive results of the features od Betopanplus® on external facades it was used in the same machine park but with a different production method to design and produce Yalıpan® with added wood texture and Taşonit® with added stone texture. With the revision and addition of some machines and equipment in 2006 and moving of the machine line in Artvin to the facility in Ankara Bilkent, production and dispatch were gathered in a single location and the annual capacity was increased to 67,500 m3

2011 Milestone2012
With the unique texture of these panels, it became possible to create different external facade applications. Due to the variations that could be created with accessories and inclusive insulation, the demand for Monolin®, Frapan® and Fugalin® with linear decorative texture grew rapidly which production started in 2011 followed by the cut stoned design Tuğpan® and brick design Tuğlapan® in 2012.

2014 Milestone
With an established principle to produce nature friendly and healthy products utilizing an accumulation of knowledge, Tepe Betopan® began producing its new fibercement product TepePAN® in 2014,during the company’s 30th year.

2015 Milestone
Tepe Betopan A.Ş. is a company that has set an example for the sector with social responsibility projects that have been implemented in Turkey, with its respect for the environment and its work ethics and quality, has also joined the world’s one and only government supported Turquality- Brand Program  to maintain its presence in the international arena, continue sustainable development and contribute to the positive image of “Turkish Products” in line with the Ministry of Economy’s vision to “Create 10 Brands in 10 Years”.

2017 Milestone
For the first time, Betopan Fiberwood® branded wood panels and Betopan Fiberstone® branded stone cemented panels were manufactured in our Temelli factory.

2018 Milestone
In 2018, Tepe Termoplast brand heat insulation plaster and Tepecolor brand paints began to be sold as complementary products.

2018 Milestone
In the same year ,Tepe Betopan Inc. presented the TepeColor to the paint sector , thus , Tepe Betopan Inc. has added a color to the color sector .

2019 Milestone
Through colored, water repellent, stain-free Turkey's first application ready for self-colored fiber cement board Betopan Unique to the building industry in technological developments aiming to quickly adapt Tepe Betopan® has added a new page in our 35 years of experience.